Monument Signs and Directional Signs

What are directional signs versing a Monument Sign? When custom metal signs act as a directional arrow, they are both, Monument Signs and wayfinder signs

Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases they are advertising tools, but they also have another role. Monument signs help your customers find their way. They can act as directional signs. This controls the flow of traffic by pointing a directional arrow to the place the customers need to be. These are custom metal signs that are a hybrid Monument Sign and Wayfinder Sign.

In this case, Turbo Car Wash in Encinitas, there is a constant flow of cars. This is a challenge, because every driver must conform to the unique traffic patterns in a “parking lot” type of area. We all know, accidents happen. Controlling where people go, what direction and speed they are going is key to the customer flow and making money in this car wash. Here are 3 monument signs. 2 are nearly entirely Wayfinding and one is an advertising Monument.

Monument sign with led custom signs on them


Banner used as directional arrow

Entrance – This seems trivial but getting traffic into the correct line sets up the customer for success. The orders are written based off the location of the cars. The service order “fairness” depends on the car location. So, m getting a customer in line efficiently is a key issue. This monument sign does exactly that, simple, clean, efficient and a business tool Exit – It is the same sign as the entrance monument sign, but the role is different. Once the service (the car is washed) is finished, there are cars right behind pressing for the space. The customer is hopefully ready to go. Moving these finished and completed cars out effectively makes the customer happy and lets the next car in that space. As you might suspect, cars take up a lot of space. A lot of cars take up a lot of space. Moving these cars off the lot fast is a business too.  HERE we have the monument sign on the street. It too has a wayfinding role. It marks the business location. It has a much larger advertising role as well. Car washes are not destination retail businesses. They are businesses of convenience. Marking the car wash, every day on every trip over time helps the customer remember where the service and the business is. Encinitas and El Camino Real are both very busy. Creating an impression in those drivers advertises the business. There are 2 timing events happening 1) the customer passes the sign and 2) the customer’s car becomes dirty. When these 2 things happen simultaneously – a sale is made

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