Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign

When is comes to business signs the Monument sign is king. These are custom metal signs. Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company that builds all sorts of signs. When it comes to sign shops, we are have unique manufacturing abilities

Pacific Marine Credit Union was known as Camp Pendleton Federal Credit Union back in 1952 when they started. They help Marines, Sailors, and Civilian Employees with their banking needs. You got to love that. They are a part of San Diego and our roots. While there have been huge changes in San Diego since 1952 PMCU is still one of the best places to do your banking. They are big enough to service every need and small enough to care about you. It is a great San Diego institution and Signs for San Diego is delighted to be about to help PMCU with their sign needs.

This monument was repainted and then replaced with a Frontwave monument

replacement custom metal sign, a new Monument for Frontwave

Old Monument Transformed

Signs for San Diego stripped the sign and repainted it. We took the letters and fabracated new ones, and then we converted their lighting to LED. The PMCU now has the sign they wanted. A bright face for a great San Diego institution. Installed and ready for the next 40 years

Have a Monument with an ugly face? Signs for San Diego can help. We can design, build, install, maintain, change and restore nearly any monument.

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