Business sign repair-a Custom Metal Sign


Rancho San Diego Village Shopping Center had a Custom Metal Sign built in about 1999. It is a business sign built from steel. This Monument Sign was totally rusted out to the point it was structurally failing. They needed a Sign repair, a big one. Signs for San Diego , local sign company, built a replacement out of Aluminum and installed this La Mesa Sign.

Rust in a Monument Sign is like cancer. It slowly works its way through the steel until the structure falls, around 1999 this Monument sign was built. In the early 2020s the rust in the upper two sign cabinets was extensive. It was beyond what a sign company could fix on site.   Curing rust problems is a challenge. Why is steel used?  It is stronger and cheaper, but Aluminum is the norm today. Signs for San Diego remade the upper 2 cabinets in Aluminum. Aluminum is lighter and does not rust.  The problem is solved for the foreseeable future.

Sign construction is a tubular Aluminum frame

The Sign construction is a tubular Aluminum frame and an outer “skin” of Aluminum. This is a custom sign frame to fit this lower monument sign with unique bolt patterns. The faces were Acrylic. Today large sheets of Acrylic are not available, also acrylic signs can crack. Polycarbonate comes in larger sizes and is much more resistant to cracking. We used polycarbonate (Lexan) faces. The lower cabinet is cut vinyl for CVS.  It should last longer than the original that was replaced.

The upper cabinet is paint. Paint is more durable than vinyl. The name of the shopping mall, “rancho san Diego” village shopping mall, never changes, but the shop tenants will over the life of the sign. This was fluorescent but is now a custom LED sign cabinet with high quality LEDs that should last 10 years or more

Paint was not required, but the part with the shopping mall name will be there “forever”. Vinyl has a life, normally 5-7 years. In the sun, it can be less.  Paint is much longer lasting. It may last 20 years or longer.

Building a cabinet with a complex curve is one thing, Getting the old cabinets out and the new cabinets to fit exactly and become a part of the larger Monument is another. Here you can see the “crown” being placed

Got a sick sign?  It is terminal or can it be fixed? Chemotherapy or cut the tumor out? Signs for San Diego took old rusted out cabinets and replaced them. We can do the same thing for you!  Give us a call.

This type of sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make Blade Signs, ADA signs, Marquee Letters, Digital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D letters, Vinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign?

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