Monument Tenant Faces

Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company that works on business signs called monument signs. The monuments are full of tenant faces. Each Monument face has a specific construction.  We made Monument signs, Monument faces and Tenant faces. In Strip Malls retail businesses rely on location and traffic flow for business. Is a location having a large number of cars passing every hour the potential exists to draw in a percentage and make some sales. The strip mall is that tool, but without a sign, you are not pulling in as many customers as you should. There are many forms of signs, but the monument is a very effective and common “draw”. This sign is in Encinitas.

Monuments attract attention

To draw customers it, you must be seen. Finance of America Mortgage knows this. So does the Spiritual Arts Institute

Customers need to know you are there. If you can get on the monument – life is easier, traffic to your front door is increased. These signs are pans. That is an aluminum box lid. It looks a little like the lid on a shoe box. If you can get the space – grab it, then come to Signs for San Diego.

We will take that space and fabricate a sign for you. This involves taking the current sign (the former tenant’s sign) down. We take this back to the shop and figure out if we need to make an entirely new pan or we can modify the current pan. Not all sign shops can do this, it requires some equipment, and know how. We can weld a new flat plate in for you, we can bend a new pan for you. We can use a flat piece of acrylic or rout out the pieces to push the acrylic through the pan and create some dimensionality.

What is the right choice? It is hard to know without having done a lot of these. Signs for San Diego would love to look at your situation and help you come up with the perfect sign. Give us a call and let’s get going!