Ever Wonder Where Monument Signs Come From

Signs for San Diego (A Commercial Sign Company) builds business signs for other sign companies and national customers. These custom led signs are Custom metal signs, the exact signs vary but this one is a monument sign

Ever wonder where monument signs come from?  Signs for San Diego (A Commercial Sign Company)  builds signs for local and national monuments for other sign companies and direct. Here is a great example. This Custom Metal Sign is for a sign company near San Francisco. They sold the sign and we made it.

ADA Signs

custom sign paint for Marquee Letters

In this case the customer wanted a wood base and a dimensional letter text area.  Wood is problematic is outdoor signs. After a number of years, it starts to look worn and weathered. We don’t generally use wood, but we use a synthetic wood used for decking.  It wears much better and looks good for many years. It is also harder to cut and work with.

The cabinet is an Aluminum frame and sheet Aluminum cut to exact size and painted.  Aluminum welding and fabrication is not easy. We use a welding process called MIG Aluminum.  The paint is from our inhouse paint system, and we mix the amount, and color we need for the job.  It is durable and looks great

The letters are cut on a CNC router, they are Acrylic. We use Acrylic because of its durability are ability to take a beating.

Signs for San Diego, we provide customized monument signs of all shapes and sizes. We start with your design and design a manufacturable sign that meets your needs

Do you need a monument sign for West coast San Diego or East Coast or somewhere in between? We can help!  Signs for This type of sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make Blade SignsADA signsMarquee LettersDigital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D lettersVinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign? San Diego has the design, manufacturing, shipping, and installation ability to handle your project. Contact us to talk about your options today. 760-730-1350