Signs for San Diego Frontwave

One of the recent projects our team carried out was a custom LED Sign for Pacific Marine Credit Union (PMCU).  Specifically Monument Signs was formerly known as PMCU (Pacific Marine Credit Union). The name change in November 2018, which was part of a strategic initiative to differentiate and disrupt the Southern California financial services competitive landscape, several monuments, business signs, were needed in various forms. The brand transformation also required new custom signs for the new branding.  They needed a commercial sign company and we are delighted the went with Signs for San Diego.

Pacific Marine Credit Union (PMCU) has over 14 branches in and around the San Diego area, and our team at Signs for San Diego designed, built and installed custom led signs, in a number of forms, Monument Signs, Wall Signs, Lobby Signs and other business signs for all the branches. We worked closely with the Frontwave team to understand their requirements and ideas into creating signs for them. All the business signs were built from scratch using top-quality materials and advanced technology. For some cases, current monuments were rebuilt in order to make the project more cost effective. A few other signs required complete replacement for an existing monument.

For ‘Frontwave’, conventional illuminated signs, aka channel letters were used. For ‘Credit Union’, acrylic was designed into beautiful shapes. Each of these were made using our own team and equipment.

Our team of skilled and experienced sign makers work hand-in-hand with you to understand your requirements. Based on your specific requirements, we will then design, build and install the signs.

Customer satisfaction, our top priority!

Over the years, at Signs for San Diego, we have worked with multiple signage-making projects for companies big and small in the Southern California area. Have a project in mind? Our expert team of designers, builders and installers can help carry out your project smoothly.

We ensure we provide a sign installation and maintenance service that is of the highest quality. We use advanced tools and techniques to deliver excellent quality signage installation and repairs services.

Get in touch with our team today for more details. We offer services to clients in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Have a project like this one?  Give us a call at 760-730-5118