Monument Signs Rancho Penasquitos Towne Center

The Rancho Peñasquitos Town Center is a 827,640 SF shopping center built in 1986 with 178,911 SF of retail oriented stores. It needed a facelift and that included 7 all Monument Signs. Working with Jones Signs and Kimco we installed several large monuments and several small monument. These were all custom LED signs. They are business signs designed to increase visitors. Mall developers and operators need to attract and keep more people in a shopping mall for longer periods of time, everything from the “fashion, leisure entertainment and food ambience, to the signage and circulation” makes a huge difference to the duration of a visitor stay. These Rancho Peñasquitos signs do exactly that

Shopping Mall Monument
mounting a monument with a crane

Shopping Center

This shopping center have about 650,000 people living within 10 miles for it. The area boarders one of San Diego’s most affluent populations. It is also close to 2 major highways, I15 and the 56. At Black Mountain Road and Twin Trails Drive it is a major shopping center.

When it comes to shopping centers, there are a lot of sign companies that can handle a single tenant, but what about the entire center. Signs for San Diego designs, manufactures and installs. In this case we handled the installation. Installation includes pouring the concrete and setting the footings for each of these. There are welded frames and the actual installation involving 2 massive signs and 5 smaller signs.

Signs for San Diego

Signs for San Diego is a full service company. We build monument and pylon signs. These start with raw aluminum and steel stock. We cut, weld, assemble and paint. We also have a full service acrylic, polycarbonate and vinyl ability to make all the tenant signs that fit into the monuments and pylons. Signs for San Diego is capable of doing the entire project of aiding other sign companies in any part of the project. There are very few companies that have the licenses, equipment and staff to handle these sorts of projects. Signs for San Diego has a structural welding certification called an LA Fabricator’s certificate. This certifies the structural welding abilities and is required for many of the largest San Diego and LA projects. We also have an Underwriters Laboratory Certification that allows us to make electrical signage and label it with the “UL” mark. Finally, we have a contractor’s license for the actual install.

Shopping Mall Monument

The equipment includes a crane. We have an 80 foot crane to lift the signs onto their footings. The footings and the embedded poles create a stable structure for the next 30 years. We make Blade SignsADA signsMarquee LettersDigital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D lettersVinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign? Give us a call! 760-730-5118

At Signs for San Diego, we have worked with many large projects involving complex and major signs throughout Southern California. Have a large scope project in mind? Our expert team of designers, builders and installers can help carry out your project smoothly. Get in touch with our team today for more details. We offer services to clients in San Diego and the surrounding areas.

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