Kiosk Information System

Electronic signage is becoming more common, Digital signage comes in several forms, In this case in a shopping mall with digital kiosks or electronic kiosks as wayfinders for pedestrian traffic

KIOSK Information Systems
Our recent project:
Signs for San Diego working with Gable Signs installed Interactive Kiosks in 4 regional Shopping Malls
Las Americas Premium Outlet
Camarillo Premium Outlets
Desert Hills Premium Outlets
Fashion Valley
This is a trend nationwide, and many large malls from New York to Washington State are seeing these installed. There are a number of advantages. Customer search times for products, services and retailers dropped from 180 seconds to 40 seconds, that is about 4 times faster. These wayfinding devices also use machine learning and get better over time.

Fashion Valley Mall Digital Displays


Customers can search for the store or product name, brands and the route to the product. Then send information to a cell phone to help walk directly to their point of purchase.

These kiosks are changing the buying patterns in malls. Tech-savvy shoppers accept these are the only way to shop, while more traditional shoppers see these are enhances directories. Either way Digital Kiosks create a positive, engaging shopping experience. Shopping malls with Digital Kiosks have a competitive advantage over those without.

The shopping mall is evolving into an experience and service destination. More theaters, gyms, restaurants, personal care retailers and other experienced based companies are replacing the brick and mortar retailers that are being replaced with online eCommerce businesses

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Fashion Valley Mall Digital Displays


One can only speculate that post COVID these Interactive Kiosks will replace more and more of the personal interactions with hired staff to allow more time to interact with family and friends.

Signs for San Diego worked a full set of Digital Kiosks in each shopping mall quickly and after hours. The first step in the engineering. The footings on the ground level are straight forward, but the upper floors are not. Embedded anchors have very specific depths to avoid the rebar and the embedded unitality lines in these non-ground floors. Also, the excavation must be both precise and very neat, done quickly and be hidden by opening time the next day.

Each install required both power and communication lines. These are heavy units with specific requirements. Each must be stored off site, and brought in just in time for install. Again, it involves timing, and a very clean execution. The value of the device is high. Leaving these uninstalled or partly installed is a problem.

Want to put a series of KIOSK Information Systems into your retail, hospital, resort, or business complex? Contact us at Signs for San Diego, 760-730-5118, 

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