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Signage for Business Parks: Business Park Signage or Industrial Park Signs directly impacts the value of the property. You need a Commercial Sign Company to build signs. You need custom metal signs that highlight your business park against other business parks. You can look sharper, bolder to increases lease rates and cash flow. When a sign company build signs, valuations increase. Use custom metal signs and other metal signs


Address numbers

Signage Solution: Design, Make and Install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels.

Arroyo Business Center

Product: Rebranding the business park

Location: Carlsbad, CA

Industry: Commercial Real estate

Signage Solution: Design, Make and Install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels.

Arroyo Address numbers
Monument Signs for Business Parks

Carlsbad Business Park Mounment

Arroyo Business Center is a multi-tenant industrial complex located in the heart of Carlsbad, just south of Palomar Airport. It was aging and the other business parts around it are as well.  Through a major remodeling it now shines against the competition. This includes a new monument sign, all new tenant panels, and address signs for the buildings. It is now a standout property capable of getting top dollar.

This started with a monument sign that boldly announces the property. It is easy to find, and the tenant’s suppliers and customers can find the business park quickly and efficiently.  It also announces a modern and bold place to enhance the value of the tenants (and the lease rates as well).

Tenant Panels

All new and bold address numbers also aid in the identification of the property. This makes finding the businesses inside easier and continues to boldly announce the new, modern, and bold nature of the remodeled business park.

This is finished off with new tenant signs. Uniform, yet bold and distinctive, these panels show the pride in the businesses and finish off the new, modern, and bold theme.

Signs for San Diego took a concept, redesigned for manufacture, make, and installed all the signs. Do you have a project like this?  Give us a call.  760-730-5118


Tenant Panel for Industrial Park