ADA Signage Blu Laguna Apartments/

Need ada compliance in your exits signs, wayfinders and all other signs. You need a Commercial sign company

 to provide the entire Multifamily sign package. This is what it would look like

Client: Blu Laguna Niguel

Location : Laguna Niguel, CA

Industry: Multifamily

Signage Solution: All Signs, 39 types from Channel letters and Monuments to ADA Interior and Wayfinding. Over 700 signs total.




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2 sets of 5-foot-tall channel letters. They are “halo” letters with the light out the back.

These require a company with a full metal working shop. They are installed at the top of the building. One set is 6 stories up, the other is 9 stories up. Both the construction and the installation are done in-house.

2 monument signs. These are “wayfinders” and set the tone of the entire project. Welded Aluminum tubular construction with Acrylic “push through” backlite letters. Both are beautiful and functional. We built the monuments in house, excavated the footers, poured the concrete, and installed both.

Multifamily housing rental office sign

Interior signs: This sign is huge, 5 feet by 10 feet. It is at eye level and is flawless. We CNC router cut all the letters from flat stock. The background is a laminate mating the interior details of the building (Matches the doors). We designed, built, and installed.

unit ID with door bell

ADA Compliant Signage. We design, build, and install signs with tactile text and braille as well. In the case over 232 Unit IDs with integrated doorbells. Each a work of art. In addition, we built more economical generic signs for the utility areas to comply with the ADA requirements and the fire code. All done in house with our CNC router, Gravograph engraver and in-house paint ability.

Wayfinding interior sign

Wayfinding Signs are Directional Signs

Wayfinding signs. Built to match the Unit IDs, the hallways are full of “directionals” to help tenants and visitors alike. These with the evacuation maps are legally required but become a part of the budling’s charm as well. Need ada compliance in your exits signs, wayfinders and all other signs. You need a Commercial sign company to provide the entire Multifamily sign package. Give us a call and let’s start, Signs for San Diego 760-730-5118