Product: Rebranding the business park

Location: 4010-4080 North Palm Street, Fullerton, CA 92835 

Industry: Commercial Real estate

Signage Solution: Design, Make and Install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels.

This business park in a high profile property on 2 major streets. It has a  range of small 1,210 square foot units to 8,613 Square Feet.  There are many bay doors and a lot of parking. 

This was a large project with 3 types of signs: Monument signs, tenant panels and address numbers. 

This started with 2 monument signs, one small and the other large. Here is the large one. These pictures show the construction. They start with 4X4 Aluminum tube stock. The design calls out mitered 35 degree corners. These are MiG welded. The frame has a structure for a blade. The blade is a heavy plate welded into the frame. The center has a saddle that fits a steel pole from the foundation to complete the structure. These are skinned with a thick Aluminum sides. The faces are cut out with a water jet. These are welded in on one side and screwed in with countersunk screws in the other. This is never perfect. It is close, but we use a little bon do to fix any gaps or nicks. Once the surface is perfect, a primer is applied.  Any defects that are hidden will be obvious in primer. These small issues are fixed and smoothed, primer reshot and the monument is ready for paint. The final paint is in 2 colors. Black and green. 

The paint is frame Matthews Paint System, the best sign paint available. This paint is specifically made for signs. It is tough and flexible. Unlike PPG Automotive paint, the finish is not shinny, and is not designed to be waxed or cleaned for years. It is also not a base coat, clear coat, but a color through and through. This paint will last a lifetime. 

The sign was designed for internal illumination, the letters are installed from the inside to create a seamless transition. These letters are think and create a great dimensional look. The letters are painted the same color as the blade for a striking effect. 

This is the construction of the monument sign (and monument signs in general). There are 2 monuments that boldly mark the entrances of the property. They make the entrance easy to find. It also announces a modern and bold place to enhance the value of the tenants (and the lease rates as well).

Tenant panels 

The tenant panels were installed without tenant names. These are all marked with a black daughter card and dimensional numbers. These are Aluminum panels with welded sides. They mount into frames. This picture shows the frame mounted on the building. The frames are screwed into the wall, the tenant panels are screwed into the frame. This system allows for a frame to come off the building for a local sign company to change the text to the tenant. 

These is finished off with new tenant signs. Uniform, yet bold and distinctive. 

The address numbers. The complex has 7 buildings. Each of these numbers are Aluminum construction, with welded Aluminum sides and bolts welding inside that have all thread rods screwed in the back. These rods fit holes we drilled intot he wall. This stud mount allows for each building address in mounted this way.  

These bold address numbers help identify the buildings. The other way is a wayfinding sign showing the map for the entire complex.

Do you have a business park of industrial park that needs a face lift? 

Signs for San Diego took a concept, redesigned for manufacture, make and installed all the signs. We can do the same thing for you!  Give us a call.

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