Flight Line ECM

Signs for San Diego in a Commercial Sign Company located in San Marcos CA close to Camp USMC Pendleton with easy access to Del Mar, mainside and North Pendleton. We design, made, and install Digital Signs or EMC (Electronic Message Centers), custom signs, including unit signs, Camel Backs, Parking Signs, Convoy Signs, electronic signage,  ADA Signs and other signs. We also make and install retail custom LED signs, in Delmar and Mainside the Frontwave Credit Union signs and several other retail signs for restaurants.

This Digital Sign, EMC (Electronic Message Centers) in on the main gate of the flight line, it replaces a number of squadron unit signs. It is fully programmable. It is from Focus Digital and Signs for San Diego did the install.

Marine USMC Digital Signs or EMC (Electronic Message Centers), custom signs
Instal of (Electronic Message Centers), custom signs of the Pendleton Flight Line

What is a EMC?


It is a lot like a computer screen, it can display images and words and be changed remotely from the building to the west. It also can send a number of messages rolling through them on a set timer. Text, graphics, basic animation, video clips, in multiple styles, and sizes are easy to program into this EMC. The location makes it ideal for sharing base and unit information . It targets the “local audience” passing through the security check point. These are the new signs and have a number of other names including LED Message Displays, Outdoor LED Signs.

USMC Digital Sign EMC

We do a lot of Military signage. Navy and Marine Signs. We are Close to Pendleton Having We have easy access to Del Mar and mainside. We service North Pendleton, Miramar, North Island, UCRD and other commands across the country. We make signs for your command, Camel back unit signs and a lot of other USMC signs . We design, made, and install custom signs, including unit signs, Camel Backs, Parking Signs, Convoy Signs, Awards, ADA Signs for a Gym, Restaurant signs on back, Banking Signs, and Electronic Message Boards. Need a sign the base sign shop will not make?  Give us a call at 760-730-5118 with your name, command, desk phone, and email.  We will get you going.