Repair Digital Signage (AKA Electronic Signage)

They go under a range of names: digital displays, digital signage display, digital signage solutions, electronic message centers, electronic display boards or digital marquee signs. Signs for San Diego installs, services, and builds housings for these. Recently we helped Incarnation Lutheran Church and Preschool in Poway with their Watchfire Monument.


Watchfire is the leading manufacturer of Electronic Message Centers (EMC). They work with sign companies all over the world to provide high quality and high-resolution displays for everyone. Incarnation Lutheran Church had two panels that were not working


We went out to see the monument and it was obvious, these panels were dark.  This could be a power supply, a communication problem or the panels were just bad. After working with Watchfire technical support we figured out it was the panels and purchased 2 new panels

Repair Digital Signage at Incarnation Lutheran Church
Repair Digital Signages 2 Watchfire Panels Out

When the panels were installed, there was a period were the system had to register and recognize the new panels, these are communicating with the upstream panels on a bus. They needed to reinitialize to see the new panels

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