Do your channel letters light up?

Do your channel letters light up? Are they working for you? Today the sun sets at about 7PM, In a couple of months 4:45PM.  If you run a retail business, and your signs are not up to the task, your holiday season will be negatively impacted.  As the days get shorter, the Leadtime on sign repair gets longer. If you need a Christmas tune up in December, it may be 2024 before the technicians can arrive. This is a revenue limiting problems.

Neon Signs need sign repair like this Chase Bank Neon

Sign has an Ugly Face?


Channel letter signs and monument need to be maintained. Here are a few common problems:

  1. Older channel letters may still be Neon. We fix neon, but as LEDs become more common, the neon to LED retrofit is often the correct choice. More on this here
  2. Faces fab and break. Need a new face? Check this out.
  1. Power supplies tend to die after about 5 years. As easy fix, but you need to get in there and get is done, more here.

Your fall Sign tune up is critical in preparing for the Holliday Seasons. If your illuminated signs are not at their peak, your Christmas season will not be either. Now is the time to get your sign tune up?

Edible arrangements 2

Have a business and need sign repair?  Business sign not lighting, Marquee sign not working. Signs for San Diego is ready and waiting for your call, we will brighten your sign and your day 760-730-5118.