Business Signs for Allstate

When a company like Allstate rebrands, needs maintenance, closes one branch office, and opens another they need a central National Sign Company to manage the 12,300 agents and offices in the US. That company is Philadelphia Signs. They are not in San Diego (or Encinitas or El Cajon or Carlsbad or Escondido) and need a trusted partner to do the work. A Local Sign Company they can trust. Signs for San Diego has been that trusted partner for a long time. This is what we do for them

Business Signs -Marquee Letters called Channel Letters for Allstate
custom sign for Allstate a door sign

Install Marquee Letters

We receive the channel letter set from “Philadelphia”. We have the space, the forklift, and the people to receive and inspect it for damage, store it until permits, and scheduling all for the install. We remove any existing signs, mount the new sign, wire, and test it and – boom, a new Allstate sign.

Door Signs

AllState Agents are in Office Buildings and Business Parks. In those locations how do customers know which door it the AllState agent? Door Signs, we install these, normally as one part of a larger package.

AllState Sign Cabinet with new face

Sign Cabinets

At Signs for San Diego, we build and install Sign Cabinets, but in many cases the Cabinet is there and we remove the old face, slide in a new one.  While we are there we take a look at the lighting, fluorescent lambs are often retrofitted

xRetrofit to LED in an Vista Pole Sign

Retrofit Fluorescent to LED

In many cases when we replace a tenant sign or sign face in a Sign cabinet or Monument we find problems with the Florescent lighting, bad lamps, ballast not working, bad wiring etc. It makes sense to retrofit LEDs, because it saves the reoccurring maintenance calls and in a better, Brighter light source with much better energy consumption.

Allstate Wall Sign with truck
x AllState wiring a raceway

Wall Signs

Often an AllState Agent will not need or want an electrical sign. We install a lot of wall signs. These are often pan signs or panel signs. In Business Parks they are uniform and refacing a single panel is very common.

Repair Signs

Things happen, Nobody knows this better than insurance agents. When they do they call us. Need a different kind of service? We can help with  Aerial Installs, Ground installs, Shopping Center Installs, Electrical Maintenance like this, a new sign for you or a retrofit for an older sign.Need a sign repair, let us know. 760-730-5118