Are you a landlord and do not even realize it?

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Barons Market Temecula inside the dog house

Are you a landlord and do not even realize it? In Michigan a woman was living inside a sign. This is not only possible there are a number of advantages for homeless to open up your sign. In strip malls there are often voids or areas behind signs that are electrical access areas. Some are big enough to stand up in. The provide shelter, a roof over “your” head and have electricity. With a little scavenging, they support lights, space heaters and become little apartments for homeless people.

This Michigan woman told police she had been living inside the grocery store sign for roughly a year.


Here is an example above a local grocery store.  It is missing plumbing, but it has electric, floors, and is large.  If it a single “room” but nearly 700 square feet.  In an “exclusive” area, it is accessible only from the roof. The normal way to reach the roof is from a permeate ladder inside the store, At the top of the ladder is a hatch.  So for a homeless person to reach the roof, they are in need of another way up there. (there are ways)

The government has no sense of humor - dah

The government does not like your sense of humor: U.S. Federal Highway Administration has a new 1,100-page manual and within they are targeting electronic signs with obscure meanings, messages intended to be humors or references to non-safety and traffic issues. They claim these can be misunderstood and distracting.

It seems the government does not have enough to do and really does not want you to smile or laugh. I guess we all knew this.


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