Maintenance Agreements

Signs and signage are expensive business tools. You need to maximize your signage investment and your return from them. Signage Maintenance Agreements help you do that. Signage Maintenance Agreements handle maintaining the look, appearance, and functionality of your signs. You have enough on your plate without having to manage service calls for routine maintenance of your signs. If you want to lower your frustration and costs, consider a maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts are a proactive tool to keep your signage working properly and looking good without spending the time and effort to manage this.

Save money with a maintenance agreement
Save money with a maintenance agreement

Well-maintained signage makes you look good. There are several agreement options to achieve this:

Pre-purchased service calls: If you are going to need a service call, why get charged emergency rates and be at the back of the line?

We prioritize prepaid service work and offer discounts. Having an answer for your service needs puts you in control.

Night patrol maintenance contract: For a very reasonable monthly fee, we monitor your signs and send you photos to show that your signs are working. When there is an issue, we repair your signs at discounted rates. This caps your repair bills and monitors the signs, so you don’t have to.

Full-service maintenance contract: A full-service maintenance contract means that we fix signs for normal wear and tear throughout the term of the contract. No purchase orders, no waiting for quotes or approvals, no problems. This contract covers what you want it to cover, from lighting elements like LEDs, bulbs, lamps, neon and power supplies, transformers, and ballast. While we don’t cover damage from vandalism or structural issues, we cover pretty much everything else.

Discounted rates

Fixed annual costs

Scheduled inspection visits

Hedge against rising material costs

Learn more about our signage maintenance agreements and how they can benefit your company. Contact Signs for San Diego today.


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