Blog: 3D Letters or Dimensional Letters on your wall not good enough? Think again

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Dimensional letters are in. Many business owners feel that an electrically Illuminated LED sign is the way to go. It may be but not always. There are a number of environmental and distant issues. There are times when a great non-electric sign is the e-ticket to success. Electric Signs (LED or Neon) are best in

Blog: Interior Logistics’ New Dimensional Letter Sign

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Customers, Vendors and guests need a way to find you. Dimensional lettering and custom signs are the way to go.  When you want to identify your business locations to capture more attention in a business park,Dimensional letters are a great choice. The retail Strip Malls are designed for day night operation and use electrical signs,

Blue: One building sign that GLOs

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Glo Salon La Jolla is all about their customers. They also are built around environmental sustainability. They have eco-friendly lighting; their floors are wood and best of all the products used with customers are 97% natural. Glo Salon is the place to go for relaxing rituals and effective time management. They have a saying "Get

Blog: The Huntress gets new retail signs

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The Huntress get new signs Want to visit an interesting women’s boutique specializing in Lightly Loved Clothing? The Huntress is a Vintage clothing store in Julian. Every man knows their lady loves to shop and every women loves a sale. The Huntress is a unique boutique shopping experience at a fraction of the price. It is a

Blog: Your Vision plus Our Expertise creates a new retail signage realit

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If your company is not seen, it is not there. Being visible is a key to being profitable. Often this is easy and at time there are buildings or situations requiring a little more. If you have a location for a sign that is not “easy” give us a call. Here are a few examples:

Blog: An Oasis in the Middle of a Business Park Signage Desert

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Oasis makes custom heaters. Heaters that go into equipment and special applications. When it comes to heaters, and especially thick film custom heater elements, Oasis is the expert. When is comes to signage, not as much. So how does one get a great business park sign that fits the situation and is done right? There

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