Solar Power Monument

Signs for San Diego provides solar for locations where electrical is not available and for environmental reasons. Solar is an interesting option. There are areas where it makes a lot of sense. At this location the whole site is historic. Much of this mission have never been excavated and running a trench with wiring to power a monument sign may hit something priceless and not replicable.  This is a unique reason, but the cost of trenching and laying wire could also exceed the cost of the monument itself.  In this case a site map is what needed back lighting

Monument San Luis Rey Done C

Solar Power Controller

Monument San Luis Rey Solar Controller

There is a solar panel south facing inside the monument. This produces the power during the day. We do not need power in the daylight, we need it at night. This is stored in a 12V battery in the base of the monument. It looks like a car battery. The electronic part is a clock, a regulator, and the hardware for the battery charger. The battery changer changes the battery all day. The clock turns the LEDs on at night and off after the Mission closes. The battery is size to discharge to about the 70% level.

This is a UV printed acrylic panel, the LEDs are just behind this. All day it works in the sun light for visitors to the San Luis Rey Mission. As dusk starts the LEDs turn on and provide the last couple opening hours these lights are needed. Have an application for Solar power? Give us a call at 760-730-5118 and let’s get started!!

Monument San Luis Rey Done angle
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