Sign Repair : Sign Not Working?

 Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company doing business sign repair and commercial sign repair. We fix signs.  Need an electric sign repair or a led sign repair? Need routine sign maintenance or sign repair? Have problems with your Monument signs, Pylon, or pole signs.  Signs for San Diego can help with your sign repair. Signs in poor condition, partly lit, or damaged are ineffective and hurt your brand. Think about it, you put out a lot of money for a sign and now it is detracting from your business.

Do you need Electrical Sign Service and Repair? Your sign should light up, but it doesn’t. Is your custom LED Sign extremely visible and half dark? It should be pulling in customers, but now it is making you look bad. Or your Neon Sign repair requires a Neon Guy and you can’t find one?  What can you do? It is hard to find a commercial sign company with the equipment, personnel, and the time to do the work. There are a lot of sign companies, and on the internet they all look the same. But 90% of them don’t have the ability to do the job. It is harder yet to find a sign company to actually come out and spend the time to learn where the problem really is. This stuff can ruin your day. There are reasons why sign repair companies are hard to find, and fixed pricing is hard to come by.  These are:

fluorescent lamp burnout
If they do not have one of these - You are not in the right place

Who is qualified

1- Who is qualified? Out of 100 companies, 3 or 4 will have the license required to work on your sign. These are the commercial sign companies, and they are not in the retail malls. Look for the contractor’s license. Call a company without the license (CL-45) and they call the guys with the license. They want to call their buddy and take a commission.

What's Inside

2. Your sign is a custom sign and only the original manufacturer knows exactly what is inside. This is particularly true with larger signs and older signs. Do you have a custom LED Sign, or a fluorescent sign or a neon sign? Each sign is a unique piece. The minimal standards that do exist are not enough to know what is wrong. It could be a bulb replacement. It could be something more complex. Nobody knows until the sign is opened up. This sign is on the Carlsbad and Oceanside

3. Reaching the sign is not easy. Most are Wall Signs, that is high up on a building, or Pylon signs on a pole or in another area can be hard to get to. Even minor repairs often require special equipment (ladders, a bucket truck, electrical tracers, neon tools). Most of these require 2 people to be safely completed. It means you are hiring an experienced sign repair crew with specialize equipment to just get up there.

Company Signage: A crane is required for this Pole Sign
Neon is repairable, but the costs are high

4. Sign companies make money on new signs. New signs are much more controllable, profitable, and less difficult than sign repair.

Need a different kind of service? We can help with Aerial Installs, Ground installs, Shopping Center Installs, Electrical Maintenance like this, a new sign for you or a retrofit for an older sign.

At Signs for San Diego offers local electric sign repair service. We are a Commercial Sign Company with the staff, equipment you need. Signs for San Diego also offer sign removal. We are bonded, licensed, and insured. All sign repair is done on a time and material basis. call us!! 760-730-5118

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