Sign Repair & Maintenance

Sign Repair & Maintenance: 4 issues you need to know. Signs for San Diego does business sign repair, when it comes to commercial sign repair and electric sign repair, we are the commercial sign company that does business sign repair, commercial sign repair, electric sign repair and maintenance sign. So, your sign has a problem, what can you do?

Each sign is a unique piece and there are no standards. Your repair could be as easy as a bulb replacement. It could be something more complex. Also, the components could be off the shelf or totally unique. Nobody knows until the sign is opened up.

Sign repair and sign maintenance is necessary during the life of every custom LED sign
Monument Big Lots with lift being repaired at night

Reaching the sign

Reaching the sign is often not trivial. If a sign is on the side of a building, it could be hard to get to. The repairs may be minor, but may require special equipment (ladders, a bucket truck, electrical tracers, neon tools). Most of these require 2 people to be safely completed. It means you are hiring a crew and equipment to just get up there. This monument is in National City. 

Sign companies make money on new signs. New signs are much more controllable, profitable and less difficult than sign repair. National City CA Signs

Clocks and light sensors are used to turn on and off the signs

Most sign companies are not licensed for this work (C-45 contractor’s license) and insurance coverage also needs to be larger in many cases (General Liability, Worker’s Comp and equipment)

 At Signs for San Diego offers local electric sign repair service. We can help with Aerial Installs, Ground installs, Shopping Center Installs, Electrical Maintenance like this, a new sign for you or a retrofit for an older sign.

Finding a sign company to repair your sign can be a real challenge. Shown here is a Carlsbad company with a raceway (electrical box to house and protect your wiring) that was damaged beyond repair. Signs for San Diego installed a replacement, took the old boxes out, rewired the wire in a new better raceway It is now a safe, weatherproof, working sign again. Yes, we also replace bulbs, power supplier, transformers, repair letters and reface acrylic signs.

Signs for San Diego has friendly, fast and efficient staff. Need electrical sign repair or even a non-electrical sign repair? We do that. To schedule maintenance or sign repair please call us at 760-730-5118