Residential Monument Signs

Residential Monument Signs: Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company is the source for Residential Monuments, there are a number of uses for these monuments: The monument above is for a planned housing development, Residential Monument Signs (an Oceanside Sign) the next is an Apartment Monument Signs Apartment (Pico Riva Sign) , the next is a Mobile Home Park Monument Sign (Oceanside Sign), the next is a Retirement Community Monument Sign (Oceanside Sign), the last one is an upscale Laguna Niguel Apartment Monument Sign (Laguna Niguel sign). In terms of construction there are several types, the Aluminum Monument Sign, The Masonry Monument Sign, and the Foam Monument Sign.

Monument Island Installed
Vista Monument sign in Gemini Letters

Budget Monument

This is a budget monument made from concrete block, and stucco. The surface is painted and not unlike a wall.  The main concern here was damage from kids living in the area. We used “Gemini” letters. These are plastic injection molded letters. They carry a lifetime guarantee. If they are damaged, the replacement is free. If the letter goes missing, an exact replacement can be ordered. This flexibility was important to the customer

This is a Mobile Home Monument. It is a cinder block wall, with a stucco coat. It is painted and the letters are generic. The Letters are from a company Named Gemini. They are plastic injection molded letters, guaranteed for “life”. If they break, they are replaced for free.  If they are lost each letter can be replaced with an exact match. This was important because this area has a history of vandalism

PVC panel used as the face for a monument
Multifamily Housing Signs differ from other custom metal signs

This is a Retirement Home Monument Sign in Oceanside. Very similar to the one above it uses the same Gemini letters. This was a service request, the original wood substrate rotted away. We replaced these with PVC. We CNC routed the PVC to the shape you see and mounted the letters.  There were a number of these.

This is an upscale Laguna Niguel sign. It is also an Apartment Monument Sign made from Aluminum and 3d letters.

This type of sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make Blade Signs, ADA signs, Marquee Letters, Digital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D letters, Vinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign?

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