Chabad At La Costa

Chabad at La Costa started in the summer of 1989 by a handful of families who wanted a Jewish Center to serve the North County Coastal Region of San Diego. Since then, they have grown a lot. When they needed signage, they wanted something that fit the area and was special. Signage that allowed them to highlight their role as a synagogue. But they were not just a synagogue but also a community center providing social programs and help with religious education. They needed to also say they were the North County Jewish Center as well. Signs for San Diego was happy to help. We designed a halo channel letter electric sign for the front reading Chabad La Costa and another in the back saying North County Jewish Center.

A Custom LED Sign called a Halo Channel Letter Set for Chabad La Costa - Carlsbad Sign


Here is What We Did

A Custom LED Sign called a Halo Channel Letter Set for Chabad La Costa – Carlsbad Sign

Overview: These signs follow the design queues of the La Costa country club. Each is handmade, in Aluminum with old world techniques, and the newest LED lighting within them. Signs for San Diego has the manufacturing ability to create custom letters where others don’t. We start with design and permitting

Design and permitting, working closely with Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort and his assistants we developed a design to submit to the city of Carlsbad. It was initial rejected! The ordinance did not allow for 2 signs on this site. The rejection created a need for permit research. It turns out others had been in this situation before and there is a Supreme court decision regarding this issue. It says religious institutions are legally entitled to the same of better treatment as commercial entities. The building on next door had more than 2 signs. This fact was pointed out to the City Planner. The permit was issued. And the signs were constructed.


Building the signs. Signs for San Diego has unique and extensive abilities. We have a CNC router to take the sheet Aluminum and shape the letters. We also have specialized equipment to bend strips into the shapes for the sides of the letters. The sides and fronts (faces) are joined together with a MiG Aluminum welding technique. Then each letter is painted in a special sign grade paint. It is tougher than automotive paint and formulated specifically for sign use. This, cut, shape, weld and paint technique formed the letters. Inside each letter are state of the art white LEDs. These are mounted to shine into the letter, reflect back and shine on the wall. The effect is to light the outline of the letter on the wall just behind the letter. The name of this type of letter is a Halo letter – How appropriate. Signs for San Diego not only have the craftsmen to make these, we have an Underwriters laboratory certification for the electrical, a LA Fabricator’s license for the welding and an electrical contractor’s license for the installation

The installation is done with the help of aerial lift equipment and experienced installers. Signs for San Diego does not subcontract, we have our own equipment and technicians to do this work. Our manufacturing ability is very strong, and our install ability it too, We do a lot of installation and fabrication for other sign companies in the area and national companies for national brands such as Home Depot, Bank of America and Panda Express. So, installing these letters for Chabad was an honor, and well within our abilities.

For signage that looks great and stands the test of time, choose Signs for San Diego. Our experts use specialized equipment to install signages that last for years to come. Once the signs are installed, you can also rely on us for regular maintenance services. Contact us today for more details. We offer our services to clients across Southern California.