Pavlos Tacos has a new quality custom channel letter sign in Encinitas California

channel letters Pavlos Tacos group photo

This was Nico’s for years and is a great location for families, with a heavy traffic flow from San Dieguito High School. Pavlos Iliadis owns this local icon at 165 S. El Camino Real, Suite L, Encinitas, CA, 92024. As in all retail shopping areas the only acceptable signage is channel letters. This is also the most effective way to get businesses noticed in a retail mall.

How we make channel Letters

Channel letter signs are custom LED signs we make is San Marcos, CA a few miles from this restaurant. We bend and shape aluminum into he letters, use custom paint for color and use state of the art LEDs that are a bright white (6500K). The result is a beautiful and striking set of channel lets to attract business


Channel Letters PavlosTaco

LEDs and stuff

Pavlos Taco

These Channel letters are LED lit, LEDs last 7-10 years with not additional maintenance. Power supplies last about 5 years. This is much much longer than the old neon lighting. LEDs are also very energy efficient and very bright.

See this installed (Video)

Channel letters signs are the most effective dimensional signs for this retail location and are an important investments in your business and considered the most effective marketing way that will grow your business by raising its visibility.



Why choosing channel letters?

The most effective piece of advertisement that you can add to your brand, 85% of your customers recognize your business from your front signage, channel letters have 160-degree angle of visibility and it is very easy to read from any direction, the 3D look make the letters easy to read and the right design using the limit-less color and lighting options make it stand out, it is an investment you never regret.