Monument Sign Repair – Auto Accident

An Emerging market for Monument sign repair. Texting and Driving. At Signs for San Diego, we see a lot of sign repair needs. The vast majority of these are electrical. Replacing power supplies, fluorescent lamps, Neon transformers and fixing busted neon tubes. The second large volume is for faded or broken faces. These are most of the calls, but recently there are several calls for unfortunate “meetings”.  This is a story about a lady who met a small monument. We do not know much, but we know she was single and hit on the monument.  This is the result

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Coronado Shores Finished D
Coronado Shores Stripped


This monument was a small way finder with the condo building. There are a lot of building, all high end, all with ocean views. The hit was successful and shook the foundation of the monument. Its heart survived but was bent to the core. We are experts in sign repair, and “counseled” it is the following ways.  We started with the base.

We cut out the original base, that is the bottom of the sign was cut away and a new base frame welded in. The skins we not too bad, we stripped them, fixed the dents, and primed them. The LEDs were old and burnt out.  Probably not due to the accident, but we replaced the lighting system – LEDs, Power Supply, Wiring and on off switch. At this point the metal work and the electricals looked great, but the Acrylic, which was the best thing in the original, was now the worst – We replaced this.

Coronado Shores ready for primer
Coronado CA Sign Monument

Here you can see the result. It looks new, it works and the paint, acrylic and electricals are ready for another 10-20 years…or until the next hit.  These small monuments are sensitive, and hitting them does some damage, it hurts their feelings, they are solitary and independent not open to meeting others. They are the strong salient type, being seen but not hurt. Need sign repair, give us a call!!  760-730-5118 



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