Custom LED Signs

Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company to provide the “neon signs”. Today the custom led sign has replaced the custom neon signs of the past. We also provide contract installs for National companies like Jones Signs.  This is a Jones Sign Install, for an Encinitas Sign. Two are electrical signs, the marquee letters of today, the 2nd sign has no electrical available and is a wall sign. Need signs for your company? Call Signs for San Diego. We are the source

Signs Draw Customer In

What happens when a company moves 1⁄4 mile away? It can mean a huge loss of customers. Evans Tire made such a move. The new place is a better location, closer to El Camino Real, more visible, and bigger. But customers remember the old location. They buy tires on a multiyear basis. The old location worked and “muscle memory” takes past customers back to the old location. This makes company signage and very visible. Business signage is extremely important. Customers remember where a company is. When a company changes locations, signage becomes a key issue. We were very happy to help Evans with their move

Custom LED Signs, that is Channel letter signs are a favorite for strip malls and shopping malls. These “Neon Signs” are often required in these areas but are the only answer for high traffic retail at night. Custom LED Signs are the perfect wayfinding and marking business tools for helping your clients find you.

These Custom LED Signs are Front Lit Channel Letters and are the standard channel letter signs. The purple may not be your color of choice for clothing, but it is bright and bold, complemented with LED electrical signage that “pops”. It is an excellent choice for a retail tire shop. Front lit letters emanate light from the face, with a series of solid-state LEDs. It is bright, requires minimal maintenance and lasts for years.


Signs for San Diego is proud to serve Carlsbad, Vista, San Diego, Oceanside, San Marcos, and San Diego, Orange, and the Inland Empire. Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company to provide the “neon signs”, custom led signs, custom “neon signs” for Encinitas Signs.

Here are a few more examples of Marquee Letters

  1. Marquee Letters for Black Rock Coffee Vista CA
  2. Marquee Letters for Evans Tire
  3. Marquee Letters Sparsha Pharma
  4. Marquee Letters – Buy from the Manufacturer
  5. Marquee Letters Everyone Needs A Beautiful Sign.
  6. Marquee Letters – terms explained

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