Church Signs for Coast City Church

Need Church Signs? Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company, but that does not mean we don’t make Church Signs: Custom Signs, Window Signs, Monuments, Electric Signs and all types of church signs.  When Family Fellowship Church rebranded to Coast City Church Signs for San Diego made all the Church Signs.  Here are a few examples

Church Sign, Customer LED Sign called a Monument Sign for Coast City Church

When it comes to Church Signs, having custom led signs like a Monument directly impacts membership and attendance. Signs for San Diego did not make this monument, but we did make the logo box under it, converted it to LED and refaced it. When it comes to electronic signs and particularly led signs we excel.

Using Windows as Signs

These windows were “sold” to the congregation in an auction to raise money for the church.  The “windows” were actually blocked off during a renovations, but the space is filled with wood and other materials.  Each is a digital print, laminated and mounting. 

Wall Sign
Church Sign Routed out of Black Acrylic
Childrens Center
Wall Sign Routed out of Black Acrylic
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These are a few of the routed letters that are all wall signs, one (not shown), actual as a form of photo backdrop or Lobby Sign. The others are church signs that act as Wayfinders for the offices, the children’s center and the last is the web site.  They are black Acrylic made here at Signs for San Diego with our CNC router.

Large Custom Banner Oceanside for Coast City Church

As a Commercial Sign Company, we do a lot of large banners,  this includes a number for Coast City Church, here is one of them. We make banners, but also are professional installation service. These are event driven and are all 13 Oz custom banners for outdoor use.  There is a wood frame on this one

Signs for San Diego makes Church Signs and Custom Exterior Building Signage. There are a lot of commercial sign companies out there, but few have the in-house abilities we have. Everything is built in house. Because we fabricate and install ourselves, we often can produce a better sign, with more attention pulling features at a better price. Having the best tools means we produce the best results. Give us a call today and let’s get started on making you more successful!!  Give us a call at 760-730-5118