Blog: Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign

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Pacific Marine Credit Union Monument Sign Pacific Marine Credit Union was known as Camp Pendleton Federal Credit Union back in 1952 when they started. They help Marines, Sailors, and Civilian Employees with their banking needs. You got to love that. They are a part of San Diego and our roots. While there have been huge

Blog: Monument signs as Way Finders

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Monument signs come in all shapes and sizes. In many cases they are advertising tools, but they also have another role. Monument signs help your customers find their way. This controls the flow of traffic and is often an overlooked role of the Monument Sign. In this case, Turbo Car Wash in Encinitas, there is

Blog: Sorrento Commerce Park

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Product: Rebranding the business park   Location: 9540-9550 Waples Street, San Diego, CA 92121 Industry: Commercial Real Estate Signage Solution: Design, fabricate, and install monument signs, address numbers and tenant panels Monument sign for Sorrento Sorrento Commerce Park is a two building, 10-unit industrial park. It is close to I-5 and I-805. Initially,

Blog: Replacement Sign Faces make Old Signs Look New Again

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Replacement Sign Faces make Old Signs Look New Again In Strip Malls retail businesses rely on location and traffic flow for business. Is a location has a large number of cars passing every hour the potential exists to draw in a percentage and make some sales. The strip mall is that tool, but without a

Blog: Monument Signs For Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and North County

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Monument Signs For Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and North County Choosing a monument signs for your business, school, church or campus is not only smart, it well may be the only option in many areas on North County, San Diego. Monument signs convey a premenatcy and quality strongly favored in the sign ordinances. It are lends

Blog: Effective Apartment Monument Signs

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Being in the Multifamily apartment rental business is competitive. There are only a few actions you can take to raise rents and cut vacancies. Most involve beautification – that is, painting and remodeling. The types of people also impact rental and vacancy rates. What monument signs attract the right kind of people? What monument signs

Blog: Blu Laguna Niguel Podium Apartment Homes

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Client: Blu Laguna Niguel Location: Laguna Niguel, CA Industry: Multifamily Signage Solution: All Signs: 39 types from Channel letters and Monuments to ADA Interior and Wayfinding. Over 700 signs total. “Experience a new world of remarkable natural beauty, sumptuous luxury, and complete accommodation. Welcome to Blu Laguna Niguel — 232 brand new 1- and 2-

Blog: Prepare to Repair and Look Good as New!

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Prepare to Repair and Look Good as New! Over the years, older communities have signs that, if not already, begin to rot away. Styles and colors changes as the trends change every passing year and people just want something that looks better. Vista Village Panel In this case, Oceana, a small series of

Blog: Clark Pest Control Building Signs

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Clark Pest Control started just after WWII with a couple returning soldiers. Clark Pest Control has provided the services their customers want for nearly 70 years. The result is they are now the largest pest management company in the western US. Starting from one office they now have offices all over California and Nevada. Signs

Blog: Does your sign have an ugly face, or the wrong face? Sign Maintenance

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Does your sign have an ugly face or the wrong face? Every day there are new tenants coming into commercial spaces and old ones are leaving. This means that the faces of the sign cabinets, monument and pylon signs have need to be updated for the new businesses. What is a face? It is always the

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