Monument Sign : Creative Construction

Monument Signs, commercial signs great form of signage on buildings
Monument Sign : Creative Construction

Monument Sign. Custom Signs are tools: Crossing art & commercial signs results in beautiful commercial sign. This is a Carlsbad sign and a campus Monument Sign: Creative Construction

Monument Sign. Custom Signs are business tools that are designed to serve the company that purchases them. There are times when art and commercial signs cross to create a unique and beautiful commercial sign. Most monuments are rectangles, but they do not have to be.  Monument signs have a shape. The shape invokes a feeling and a statement. In 90% percent that feeling is box like. “Signs of the Times” published a number of unique signs on August 20, 2021 (Mark Kissling) This is one of them.

This monument sign by Signs for San Diego (Oceanside, CA) features a hybrid of fabricated/welded and push-through acrylic letters. It is a Carlsbad Sign. “Our future biopharma manufacturing facility is located in Carlsbad, CA — strategically placed in the heart of the Southern California biotech cluster,” reads a portion of the home page for the Orblu Biopharma Campus. With a business and location like that, you know a unique monument sign has to be prescribed. And though a local Fastsigns sold the sign, Signs for San Diego (Oceanside, CA) was tasked to fill that order by building a monument sign featuring “an interesting construction,” said Frank Murch, owner. “We do most of the electrical and large signs for several Fast signs,” he added.

Orblu Monument

Signs for San Diego builds a large number of monument signs on an annual basis, both directly for end-user customers as well as for other sign companies without the ability to make them. “For the company buying a monument sign, [it is] a business tool. The purpose is to sell the services and products of our client. It is also a wayfinding piece,” Murch said.

While the client provided the design, as is often the case for sign companies, Signs for San Diego had to “reverse-engineer” the artwork used for business cards and letterhead into something “manufacture-able,” Murch said. His design team used Corel software and produced three revisions over a two-week design phase.

Now, back to that “interesting construction.” Murch described the Orblu monument sign as a “hybrid between fabricated letters (welded letters), a sign cabinet and push-through acrylic.” The blend is unique and attracts attention, Murch continued, “making the Orblu monument the best business tool of its kind in the area. Customers and clients remember the company with a positive impression.”

The sign, which measures 106 in. wide x 55 in. tall x 14 in. deep, features letters on top of .090 aluminum. The lower area combines acrylic and vinyl. “It [has] an aluminum square-tube frame, with .090 sheet aluminum sheet [for] skins,” Murch said. “The letters are [MultiCam] CNC-routed faces, with tack-welded points followed by a two-part epoxy. The pattern for the acrylic is routed in a large number of small parts, matching a push-through.” Signs for San Diego’s fabrication department shaped the letters by hand and welded them with a Millermatic 350P Aluminum MIG. For the interior lighting, they fitted HanleyLED modules and power supplies.

An installation team of two took 32 hours to install the biopharma campus monument sign on a concrete pad with a steel pole and a 6-ft. hole. No rebar was required. The dig and the pour lasted a day; mounting the sign using a Garland crane took another day.

“With the local city ordinance and the sign policy for the location and size, type and location largely settled,” Murch said, “the only way to differentiate our products from all others is to build more interesting signs.”

Want a great custom monument sign?  Give us a call and we can make your vision was a reality, Signs for San Diego, 760-730-5118

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