Business Sign Repair

Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company doing business sign repair and commercial sign repair. We fix signs1 Need an electric sign repair or a led sign repair? Need routine sign maintenance or sign repair? Have problems with your Monument signs, Pylon, or pole signs.  Signs for San Diego can help with your sign repair. Signs in poor condition, partly lit, or damaged are ineffective and hurt your brand. Think about it, you put out a lot of money for a sign and now it is detracting from your business.

We fix broken signs: Letter missing? Pealing Vinyl? Sun Fog? Names all wrong? Vandalism? Paint faded, plastic broken or missing? We can help! Bad and poorly presented signage is a negative for your business. Customers and prospects judge you from the appearance of your establishment. Signs are the central point of that attention.

Over the years, we have seen it all and can help. Here are a few examples:

Replace faces: Your framing and support are great, but the sign face is wrong or looks bad. We make new faces all the time. We can you’re your company look great by replacing a bad face with a great new face. Monuments, channel letters and sign cabinets are all good possibilities for a replacement face.

oceanside illuminated cabinet
Monument Sign needing repair

Monument sign falling apart

Monument sign falling apart: We do repairs to a full restoration. We also make monument signs, so if your 1970s sign is too far gone, we can replace the entire sign.

Unwanted signs: Have a lot of different signs that are all needed, but don’t match and just look bad? We can design you a single sign that covers everything. Look better, cover the legal requirements

Unwanted Sign removal

Surveys: Got problems over a large area? We can help get you a list of the problems, the solutions, and the costs so you can match the job/s to the costs and available funds. Do what you can when you can and improve gradually

Dirty face: Sign cleaning may be the way to look great and salvage your old signs. We also can remove, repaint, or recondition some signs. If you sign is basically in good condition, but needs a refresh, this could be your answer!!

Preventative maintenance: Graffiti protection? Cut rust out and replace with good metal? Paint now and avoid rust? Things are loose, but they will fall off without attention. We can help

Full Restoration: Good bones, but cosmetic problems? We do full monument sign restorations. Fix it, replace parts, redo everything or replace everything. We can help

Installing post and panel signs: Got a commercial property to lease or sell? We dig holes, install poles, and attach panels. We place new panels onto of older panels and make your property pop

Wind, rain, and pain: We fix fallen letters, wind damage, leaks around signs, remake a couple of letters and can bring you back from the blink.

Expanding signs for more tenants: Have a good sign but need more smaller faces or fewer bigger faces? We do that too!! Address numbers going to the birds? We make and replace these all the time.

Need an electric sign repair? We do a lot of led sign repair including ] Aerial Installs, Ground installs, Shopping Center Installs, Electrical Maintenance like this, a new sign for you or a retrofit for an older sign.

We’ll work with you to make sure that you’re happy with all our repairs and modifications. Signs for San Diego employs technicians who are friendly, fast, and efficient. If you need your sign repaired, we can help. To schedule maintenance or repair services, contact us.

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I, Frank Murch was born in Honolulu. Dad was an Army Captain. After his separation he drove my 2-year-old self and Mom to Colorado. After starting Kindergarten and terrorizing my parents, brother and sister for 20 years, I graduated both Kindergarten and the University of Colorado. I worked at Coors Porcelain for a time and then a series of high-tech companies in California, Pennsylvania, New York, and Tokyo. Along the way I gathered letters to drag behind my name MSEng, MBA.  30 years later I started Signs for San Diego. Signs for San Diego is a manufacturing company. Much more about building signs than other Sign Companies; it comes from my background. Technical Capability is a focus. We are a wholesale source for the industry. We want to make the best sign possible. It is in my DNA. Applying 30 years of manufacturing experience and 10 years of entrepreneurial experience make us the best sign company around. I also am of the HP management culture, Inclusion, respect and treating people as adults makes Signs for San Diego a happy place to work. We are looking for customers that match our culture, happy, better quality, and better than what is generally available