Great Restaurant Entrepreneurs use building letters Orange County

Great Restaurant Entrepreneurs

How Great Restaurant Entrepreneurs use building letters Orange County live and die off the small things. They are extremely busy and cut to the chase, decide, and move on. A custom building sign or a Custom LED Sign is critical to the success of the business. Becoming a signage expert isn’t. Running a business is more – project management – than becoming an expert on anything. Having to learn about Signs in Orange County distracts you from your primary job of creating that incredible dining experience. Converting that first time diner into a “regular” serial visitor. In creating that local watering hole that becomes the weekly meeting place for “the group”. The first step is driving traffic through the door. A fantastic sign, a set on Marquee Letters (also called channel letters) does exactly that. Here is how great restaurant entrepreneurs buy effective Marquee Letters or Building letters that make their establishment a destination in Orange County.

Buy from the Manufacturer.

Buy from the Manufacturer. Just like there are a few fantastic chiefs and a thousand pretenders – you know this. Sign Companies are the same, separating sign shops into the manufacturers and brokers is key. It is easy, all it takes is 3 questions that take 3 minutes. The answers will tell you who has fabricated and installed and who has not:


1. Do you have a C-45? What is a C-45? A “C-45” is an Electrical Sign Contractor’s license and if they do not have that specific license, they cannot legally install your sign. Ever deal with the local permitting authority with an illegal contractor? Think of it like this – Do you want an ABC snap inspection with a 17-year-old at the bar. Fun times! Without a C-45, you don’t play, just too risky.

If they do not have one of these - You are not in the right place

2. Underwriter Labs Certified. What does Underwriter Labs have to do with the restaurant business? You need a UL Mark on the sign. If they have “UL” they are “real”, if not… think of it like this – an inspector finding meat in your cooler that was not coming from a USDA approved source – Bad juju for sure

UL Label roll 300x225 1

3. Local Manufacturing? This one needs no explanation; A local manufacturer can make a custom LED Sign that fits. A broker can ask his buddy to make a sign he can mark up and sell you. Which situation gives you the most control and the best value? You want to buy from a slick salesman or the company that makes the product? Oh, By the Way, the slick salesman – he buys from us.

Customers make snap decisions, over a long period of time. What?

Customers make snap decisions, over a long period of time. What? This makes no sense, but ahh, it does. A Snap Decision is a faction of a second, A long period of time is longer than a second – dahh. Yes, and No.

1.People view a sign in a fraction of a second. It needs to be simple. Bold and stick in their heads. It needs to be “clean”. To understand let’s use an analogy: Most people know that speed reading is about the recognition of shapes and patterns, not individual constants, and vowels. Signs make an impression in Size, shape, Color and light. Say exactly what the business is clearly and boldly. Don’t try to use stylish fonts, tricky phases, or be too sophisticated. The customer dining experience can only occur once they enter – get them inside or you won’t have the chance to create a dining experience. The sign is the hook to get them to enter. Be bold, simple and count on only a fraction of a second.

2. Long Period of time. The very same people viewing your sign for a faction of a second, view it every day, on a commute, or as they visit your neighbor, in their routine. You want this customer – a local and a serial visitor (a regular). Their first look, it starts to register – oh, there is a restaurant there. Over weeks months and years, you become a part of that customer’s internal road map. The day “serendipity” occurs, you are in the back of their head. It could be anything – like their customer asking “Hey, do you know a good Italian restaurant around here?” Truth be known – they know one and only one – they remember you! Thousands and thousands of views, each slowly developing to that point where they stop and walk it. Why? I hundred reasons: the customer wants a referral, hunger, the wife wants to eat out, the need for a table for a private conversation, it is complex, but it is happening, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – thousands of times – chipping away, every day -Often you can trigger the event – a coupon in the mail, a friend’s mention, a google review – the trigger can be anything, but the sign is the landmark. It is simple, but critical. It is working every day as your silent salesperson and landmark

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert. Every bartender knows the “know it all”. Got a rash? wonder how the Angels are doing? Need the thermal nuclear codes? The Bar “know it all”. Getting a sign requires a company that really “knows”. That has done it a million times and is an actual, real expert. Just as the “know it all” is telling you about Brain Surgery, the real doc is sitting at the next table, ignoring the “know it all” eating the fettuccine with a diet coke – Find the Doc, not the “know it all”. Most Restaurant will buy from the slickest sales guy, great Restaurant entrepreneurs buy from the manufacture because the manufacturer is the expert. If you have taken the advice above; you are dealing with the Manufacture. There are only 2 or 3 serving OC that are manufacturers.

Sign repair and sign maintenance is necessary during the life of every custom LED sign


Great Restaurant Entrepreneurs use the 3 questions above to cull the herd. They keep it simple, the last step is delegating the job to the expert. They live and die off the small things. Once you find the right chief, the right waiter, the right bartender, or the right sign shop, you delegate and move to the next problem. Great Restaurant Entrepreneurs know having a Custom LED Sign is critical to the success of the business. Restaurant Signage drives traffic to you, the secret is to make that traffic into several hundred “regulars” by focusing on creating the right dining experience. This is how great restaurant entrepreneurs buy effective Marquee Letters or Building letters that make their establishment a destination in Orange County.

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