Brushed Aluminum ADA Signs

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When people think about ADA signs many think about a sanitary blue plastic sign with white letters. There are a lot of these around and they look…. sanitary and cheap. With real- estate costs and rents sky high in the San Diego region, many property owners, managers, and builders want to make their properties as attractive as possible. This justifies the rents better; it retains tenants and creates a better impression. For a small amount more brushed metal is much much more attractive. The reason most building owners order plastic is because they view the blue plastic as the generic choice. This is a mistake.

ADA Signs Waiting for Delivery

Brushed Aluminum ADA signs ready for install

Use Metal, specifically brushed Aluminum. It is nearly impossible to tell brushed silver, brushed stainless steel from brushed Aluminum. This is particularly true when they are not side by side. Metal is always seen as the better and more expensive alternative. This makes your building look more expensive, and more upscale. The technique of brushing metal also creates a surface that hides fingerprints, dirt, and other imperfection. Plastic does not. The actual material is known as DiBond. DiBond is two thin aluminum sheets with a quality of metal.

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a 2 layer ADA Men's room sign

Signs for San Diego makes a full line of brush aluminum ADA signs in our Oceanside factory.