Blade Sign Brick Hotel

Blade Sign Brick Hotel

A Blade Sign is a sign that projects out from a wall or hangs down from the ceiling. Blade signs a perfect for pedestrian areas where other marquee letters or 3d letters will not work. The most common places to see blade signs is inside and along walkways. It is often best solution for these places. However, this blade sign is outside on a street. It is a special case and the ideal solution. Here is more about the Brick Hotel.

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The Brick Hotel is in the heart of downtown Oceanside.

The Brick hotel is in the heart of downtown Oceanside. The small hotel is “new” in a totally rebuilt historical building This is a densely built street and there is no place for a larger sign. The wall area is complex, and a blade sign achieves several things.  By projecting out, it is readable from the street from cars and from the sidewalk. It is lit, and it works at night street scene in a busy entertainment area. It also marks an alley leading to parking behind the hotel.

This is an electrical sign, with LEDs internally.  The planning for this sign happened early and the bracket for the sign was designed into the remodel. The electrical wiring is all inside the bracket. When your business needs to stand out on a crowded street, blade sign may be your solution. A Blade sign can set your business apart from the clutter in a densely layer out street. Signs for San Diego designs fabricates and installs custom LED signs like this blade sign. We would be delighted to help you with your blade sign, give us a call and let’s get started!!  760-730-5118