You see these illuminated sign cabinets everywhere, but do you know what happens when a business updates or changes out their sign?

Illuminated Sign Cabinets or light box cabinet signs are found in malls, fast-food outlet, upscale restaurant, auto repair garages, even churches. Cabinet signs are affordable advertising and last many years. The light comes from fluorescent bulbs and a structure to hold the signs. These are good during the day and better at night. They are rarely seen in industrial settings but are common in retail shopping.

Monument Sign with mixed and non-matching tenant signs

Monument Sign with mixed and non-matching tenant signs

This illuminated sign cabinet is in Mission Hills. It twenty or
thirty years old and many of the individual business signs in this cabinet are old, yellowed and the vinyl is peeling off. Several of the businesses needed new signs and we switched these out for new, updated signs.

a better monument with blank tenant signs waiting for you

a better monument with blank tenant signs waiting for you

Why is light important to retail businesses? In San Diego it is great to attract attention to your business when the sun sets, but this type of sign also can serve extremely well in the foggy mornings with the marine layer. Potential customers remember lighted signs and are more likely to come in and check out your business.

Acrylic vs. Lexan. In this case, we used Lexan, Lexan is a more durable material that cannot yellow over years. Lexan is a Polycarbonate polymer, while Acrylic is a polyacrylonitrile. Acrylic has a better shin but Lexan is much stronger. Acrylic is less expensive and cracks easier. Lexan is much more impact resistant but easier to scratch. Both materials are stronger and lighter than glass; acrylic is 6x stronger than glass, Lexan is 200x stronger than glass.

Cut vinyl vs. transparent digital print. There are 2 ways to make these signs: Cut Vinyl and digital print. In this case we used both.

Cut vinyl makes the Lexan or Acrylic the “white” on the sign. Transparent vinyls are cut out in the shape of the letters and let light through. These are brighter than a digital print, but the range of colors is limited and cut vinyl is not able to show a photograph.

Digital printing uses a white translucent rolled vinyl and a latex ink with a UV laminate. The colors available are much more board, we can provide that larger range of colors, fade from one color to another and print a picture.

The results: 5 signs on each signs were replaced. These are now the best signs in the illuminated cabinet sign. These businesses look significantly

better than the others. Guess who gets more attention?

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