We Make Oceanside Signs

Oceanside Signs – For 10 years Signs for San Diego called Oceanside home. Our old place is along Oceanic, a street parallel to Oceanside Blvd. We know a lot about Oceanside, a lot of us live nearby.

Our move to San Marcos gave us better access to the highway. Our San Marcos buildingis better, but we miss our daily interaction with neighbors and friends. Our signs are everywhere and nowhere is this truer than in Oceanside.

Custom LED Sign Oceanside

Shopping Malls

Signs for San Diego is the expert source for commercial Oceanside Signs. We have been in every single shopping center in Oceanside and have multiple signs in most of them.

They are friends, like Maxdon’s Pub.  We made a national magazine with this sign. There are a lot of iconic Oceanside signs we have been involved with!!

Showcase your business with Oceanside CA Signs. Shop the pride in Oceanside. We can help with you with signage that lights up. Cabinets, channel letters and monuments.

We can also help with Electronic Message Boards, and other new technology to tell your customers about your company. Maxdon’s Pub is using Marquee Letters  (3D Letters – Channel Letters) but we also make 3D Letters – Dimensional Lettering made on a CNC router.


Oceanside Monument signs

Oceanside Monument signs: these come in different types. Here are the more popular: Internally illuminated Monuments with tenant panels – Every retail shopping mall has at least one of these. Non-illuminated Monument, these are used for industrial and Business parks, neighborhoods and other places that tent for not have “night” business. Here is a smaller monument for two well-known Oceanside Businesses

Calvary Chapel is a huge factor in Oceanside, they are involved with the traditional services on every Sunday, but also childcare, they help everyday people with food, with marriages, with counseling and many more services. They are a special Oceanside community of authentic people that celebrate our belief of Jerez Christ.

Discovery Isle is a Preschool. They are entrusted with Families most precious resource – their kids. They have a bunch of special people with an extraordinary curriculum and caring teachers. Parents want communication, to know what their kids are doing, and that they are safe. That is what Discovery Isle is all about.

Business Park Monument Sign OCEANSIDE MONUMENT for Calvary church
Tenant Sign - Pan Sign Accurate Alignment, tenant panel

Oceanside Business Park Signs

Business Park Signs  Our home was in a business park for 10 years in Oceanside, we have make and installed every type of business Park Signs in Oceanside.  Here is a tenant panel for Accurate Alignment.  We did hundreds of tenant panels. I would say a percentage of all Oceanside tenant panels came from Signs for San Diego.  We also produce Dock Numbers, Address numbers, Monuments, and directories for Business Parks.

What to see what we can do. Signs for San Diego does entire Business Parks. We can provide every sign needed. We Design, Make and Install a monument sign, address numbers and tenant panels. We can handle multiple building campuses and make your look good.

Here is a case study of example that. Want the best, call us at Signs for San Diego for your Oceanside signs


Professional Office Signs

We do a lot of professional Office Signs; one example is this Oceanside Brushed Aluminum Lobby Sign. Signs for San Diego makes a lot of these reception signs and Lobby signs. These are non-illuminated 3d signs. We made this in our Oceanside shop off our CNC router.

Brushed Aluminum is always a clean professional look.  This material looks clean and professional, it is ideal for Doctors, Labs, and medical companies. It also works for manufacturers and other companies looking for a specific character. Hair transplant pros Lobby sign is a great example of Oceanside CA Signs. 

We also make Dimensional Lettering for the business name., Lobby Signs, and Reception Signs. 

Lobby Sign is brush Aluminum for a medical office
Lobby Sign NDK Paragon 2

Oceanside Lobby Signs

High-quality Lobby signs creates a lasting 1st impression. This sign is a neighbor and a machine shop. They wanted something special, and we created an LED illuminated sign. We think this makes an impact on customers enter the building.

While there are a range of things going on here is strengthens the branding, creating a professional, trustworthy ambiance. We at Signs for San Diego designs, builds, and installs custom Oceanside lobby signs. Each is a little “work of art” and reflects the unique charter of the company culture and values. Let start working on Lobby Signs for you!!

Oceanside Monument

Ridgeview At Ocean Hills, an Oceanside Monument,

Residential Monument Signs: We are the source for Residential Monuments and here is one of them. We have make so many monument for HOAs, property managers and Multifamily Housing owners.

The monument here is for a planned housing development, but we also have Oceanside Monuments for Mobile home communities, for seaside hotels and short-term rentals, and for apartment building.  We also create every sign needed for Apartments. That is ADA of handicapped signs. Let’s get started!


Sign Company making HOA Community Entrance Signs like this Oceanside Sign
Hybrid Cabinet and Channel Letter Illuminated Sign

We know Oceanside

This Oceanside Sign is for Frontwave. Their headquarters is in Oceanside, and we did all their signs. Frontwave is an Oceanside Credit Union.  They are an influencer in Oceanside and give back to the communities around here.

They provide great financial services. But they also have a bigger mission to be a positive force in the community. They support a lot of area organizations. They sponsor local sports teams, like the 16X Champion San Diego Sockers. They are a great Oceanside Neighbor.

Channel Letters for Abigail's Medical Supplies

Abigail’s Medical Supplies is run by … Abigail. She has a medical background and really works at providing effective, compassionate care to the people in Oceanside, Close to Tri City hospital and a large medical community including Graybill medical group, Abigail’s Medical Supply is dedicated to serving the needs coming out of this area.

It is about the personal attention you deserve and delivering the products you need. They have a reputation of providing excellent service. We made their signs from 2013 and the new ones today.

Blog Channel Letter Front Faces

Oceanside Restaurant Halo Channel Letters

Arrowood Golf Course is a hidden treasure in Oceanside. Designed by Ted Robinson Jr, it is a 6,721-yard layout is a planned community. It has the charm of an old-world golf course, but it is practically new. Arrowood sits on a scenic hilltop by the San Luis Rey Valley.

The Fairway Kitchen and Bar is the center of attention. We made their iconic Oceanside sign. This is a beautiful halo channel letter set that was made in our Oceanside shop. We cut, welded, painted, electrified, and constructed the sign, then installed it.  Need a great Oceanside sign Give us a call!

Magnaflow 3D Letters

Oceanside Business Park Signs are our specialty, this is a Magnaflo company, we did all the Magnaflo signs. When they moved from up north to Oceanside Signs for San Diego made the original ADA signs and then worked directly for MagnaFlow to brand their new buildings.

MagnaFlow has that iconic exhaust sound. They build all their own parts. They specialize in superior catalytic converter and performance exhaust. This is just one example of the Oceanside signs we do.

Oceanside Business Park Sign Magnaflow

Graziano's Pizza Channel Letters

Graziano’s Pizza is a locally owned and a family operated lunch and dinner hot spot. Signs for San Diego made these channel letters.

While the Marquee sign announces the location, inside is great quality food, made to your order. They make their own dough, sauces, salads, and everything else.

Maybe it is time for lunch at Graziano’s Pizza!! Need a local Sign Company?  We are Oceanside’s source for great signs.