Custom Exterior Signs in North County using Digital Printing

Signs for San Diego manufactures Custom Exterior Building Signage. Signs for San Diego has the tools that give you results, we have the best wide format printers from HP, the best laminators, plotter, we also have routing and engraving capabilities. In addition, we install with our own bucket truck. What this means is we can focus a lot of expertise, equipment and skill toward getting your message to your customers.

large format banner for church events
large format banner for church events

Let’s focus on Wide Format Printing

Latex printing has changed the face of Exterior Building Signs. We can print better, more vibrant colors, sharper more crisp images and incredible photo reproduction with our newest printer. It is the HP 365 Latex jet printer. It allows you to get better colors and a better image than ever before. Exterior signs have been limited in the past because a great photo reproduction did not hold up well in the elements. The printer pushes that limitation out. You can use your best pictures and most striking images in ways that were not possible before. You can use this ability to create the signs to get the attention and make the phone ring.

digital print
digital print

Laminate is a clear UV protective layer for Exterior Building Signs

We have a wide format laminator and use it everyday. It allows us to put a clear UV and abrasive protection layer between your Exterior Building Sign and the threats of the environment. We give you years of service with this protection. Lamination is one of the ways modern sign manufacturing achieves results that were impossible even 5 years ago.


We have a team of experienced professionals ready to install your Exterior Building Signs. We also have the equipment to get it done right. Ladders, bucket trucks and cranes to lift the installers high up on the sides of your building to get you a fast professional install that looks great and lasts for years.

What Value does this bring to you?

Signs for San Diego makes Custom Exterior Building Signage. There are a lot of sign companies out there, but few have the in-house abilities we have. Because we fabricate and install ourselves, we often can produce a better sign, with more attention pulling features at a better price. Having the best tools means we produce the best results. Give us a call today and lets get started on making you more successful!!

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