Wayfinding Signs

Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company designs, makes and installs wayfinging signs. Wayfinding has a number of meanings, it can mean directional signs such as exit route signs, arrows, maps, other signs telling people to go in a direction. These are custom directional signs because each is unique to fit the place, Wayfinding can be destination, like department names on a door, name signs naming the place, street signs with street names. Warning or legal signs, like danger, road closed, or no trespassing, or enter only during working hours, and many others, and the last is informational Information, telling one about a general area, city boundary lines, Lobby signs,  bathrooms signs, open hours

Wayfinding street sign


Blog Wayfinding North County Square

Wayfinding signage is the family of signage for people to find their way through any building or area. Wayfinding includes the entrance signs, office room signs, signs in Parking lots and waiting rooms, Bathrooms, and stairwells. Every building needs these. This one is from North County Square 

Signs for San Diego provides affordable, modular wayfinding signage. We have everything needed for your campus, hotel, convention center, mall, or corporate site. This includes wall signs, projecting signs, directories, suspended signs, triangular signs, info centers, towers, pylons, desk signs, and poster frames

Wayfinding Signs are Directional Signs

We provide wayfinding for a large range of sites all around yours. Ask us and we will show you! Others have found their traffic improves.  Deliveries happen faster, with fewer questions. Customers find the lobby and the “will call” desk with ease. Fire Marshals like the added directional for the exists and the unitality areas. Internally, your tenants, employees and others find the right rooms fast and efficiently