Hospital Wayfinding Signs

Signs for San Diego a Commercial Sign Company designs, makes and installs wayfinding signs. These are Oceanside CA Signs for TriCity Hospital. Wayfinding has a number of meanings, it can mean directional signs such as exit route signs, arrows, maps, other signs telling people to go in a direction. These are custom directional signs because each is unique to fit the place, Wayfinding can be destination, like department names on a door, name signs naming the place, street signs with street names. Warning or legal signs, like danger, road closed, or no trespassing, or enter only during working hours, and many others, and the last is informational Information, telling one about a general area, city boundary lines, Lobby signs,  bathrooms signs, open hours.  Visiting a hospital is an anxiety filled event. People are worried and they visit only when they are hurting. The signage needs to be good for wayfinding, most important factor in any wayfinding is the signage. Signs for San Diego is happy to be restoring and renovating different signs in Tri-City Hospital.

In this case we refaced the Emergency sign. When you think about the most important sign in a hospital, it is the emergency sign.

Illuminated Sign Channel letters EMERGENCY

Channel Letters

We work on all facets of channel letters. We fabricate channel letters, convert them to LEDs, and reface them. When you call Signs for San Diego you are bringing a team in that can service anything. In this case it is old world craftsmanship that made the different. We took the old faces down and then used these are patterns for the new faces. The new faces are not digitized and CNC router made. They are remade the same way it was done in the 1970s before computers were used. We have a huge router table and used that to make these.

Also rebuilt a wayfinding sign damaged earlier

Signs for San Diego loves projects for high profile signs like Hospital signage and way finding. We want your problems and we want your maintenance. Give us a call and let’s talk about