Wall Signs for the Huntress

The Huntress gets new signs. Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company that builds all sorts of Wall Signs , business signs or company signs. We produce a lot of custom LED Signs, Monuments, Marquee Letters, and other signs. signs for buildings are business tools. These are custom signs for businesses to attract customer through the door.Wall Signs 

Wall Signs - Custom Sign for the huntress

Basic Signs

entrepreneur starting the huntress Amber Jones

There are a lot of entrepreneurs that start small shops with unique ideas and high hopes.  These are companies that are started with grand ideas, high hopes and under financed. They need the fundamentals for their company, but do not have the money to go big. Signs are really required. The old saying a “business with no signs is a sign of no business”.  They need an inexpensive sign that let customers discover them. This is the case with “The Huntress”.

The Huntress is a women’s boutique specializing in Lightly Loved Clothing. The Huntress is a Vintage clothing store in Julian. Every man knows their lady loves to shop and every woman loves a sale. The Huntress is a unique boutique shopping experience at a fraction of the price. It is a win win for everybody, but you need to know that the shop exists and what it is. The Huntress is a one of those rare finds that the locals know about and the visitor to Julian stubbles across. Lightly Loved Clothing at a fraction of the price.

The answer was a business sign that fits and need.  We started with a sheet of ACM. We printed a large format digital print and laminated it into a flat unlit sign for the shop exterior wall. What is ACM? ACM is an acronym meaning Aluminum Composite Material. It is a thin layer of Aluminum top and bottom with a plastic core sandwiched together. The panel is a ¼” thick. ACM is durable, weatherproof, and reasonably inexpensive.   A large format digital print is from a roll of vinyl with an adhesive back. It is the standard outdoor material used for real-estate signs, menus and many more signs. The Laminate is a clear plastic layer that has a UV sun resistance property to it. Cut, Print, Laminate, Trim, and we created a building sign suitable for outdoor use.

Signs for San Diego is a Commercial Sign Company that builds all types of business signs or company signs. This signs is in Julian. Do you need a custom LED Signs, a Monument, Marquee Letters, or a basic sign to start a small entrepreneurial shop. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do! 760-730-5118