Wall Sign Horace Anderson

Signs for San Diego, A Commercial Sign Company helps businesses, like greenhouses and nurseries. We provide banners, wall sign and directional signs. Some of these are sandblasted signs. Recently we had the privilege of providing Horace Anderson Greenhouses with a couple of signs. One of the nice things about providing signs to Oceanside, Carlsbad, and Encinitas businesses is I have the chance to meet some of the movers and shakers in local companies. In the case of Horace Anderson Greenhouses Ben Hofstetter is taking a greenhouse with deep history into the future

A Wall Sign Sand blast redwood signs are used foran olde world look and feel
Similar nursery down the road uses us for a post and panel sign

Company Signs

Horace Anderson was a 19th century breeder of Clivia and many other plants. Horace Anderson has been called the “father of horticulture”. He was inducted into the California Floriculture Hall of Fame 1994. This Greenhouse has been providing wholesale tropical foliage, palm trees, and succulents to the area sense 1961. Ben Hofstetter is updating the signage now, but he is just starting. He is working on a website to bring more information and access to local customers.

The Greenhouses are ramping up to meet the spring demand now. There is a sense of enthusiasm and excitement at Horace Anderson Greenhouses. Horace Anderson Greenhouses are less than a mile from the ocean at 375 La Costa Avenue. Encinitas, CA 92024. This is one of the riches growing areas in the US with a lot of sun, but mild winter and summer. Horace Anderson Greenhouses is the place to purchase the tropical plants you want. They have the answers to your questions, why not give them a call at 760-753-4336 or drop by?