Understanding Monument Sign Panels

Monument signs are in every shopping mall entrance. custom-built monument signs are high visibility signs, right on the roadway and entrances. Drivers see these multi-tenant Monuments every day, every commute, and stare at the tenant monument signs every time they stop for traffic lights. Having a custom monument sign face increases traffic into your business. Get a boast in traffic by replacing your old monument faces with new monument faces. Monument signs faces are advertising, and a wayfinding sign. That is these signs direct new and old customers to your business. Monument signs are great advertising tools, but make sure you are sending the right message. Old, faded, dirty sign faces communicate your business is old, faded and dirty. A new sign monument face communicates a sharp and fresh image

Philz Coffee on a Del Mar Monument from Del Mar's Commercial Sign Company. Signs for San Diego build signs like this “push through” monument sign face
Monument for a strip Mall in Vista

There are several types of faces:

Acrylic Slide in: This is the most common monument face and is a sheet of acrylic with your branded image on it, normally with vinyl. 

Pan Face: Also, a common monument face, it is an Aluminum box. Your brand and name shape are under or Infront on the pan is one of 3 ways:

  1. Acrylic Underlay: The face of the pan is router cut and your brand and name are mounted to the inside of the monument pan. The pan blocks light around your name, but the LEDs light up your brand and name – bold, bight and a little better than an Acrylic Slide in
  2. Push Through The face of the pan is router cut and your brand and name are mounted to the inside of the monument pan, the the Acrylic is thicker and routed so the thicker part sticks out. The pan blocks light around your name, the LED light shines around the edges and gives you a halo effect. It is a little better than the Underlay and the Acrylic panel
  3. A custom LED sign on top of the pan, these are like the wall signs used above retail store entryways.
Monument Jones Beachside CVS 3

A dedicated one store monument is the top of the monument hierarchy.  This type of sign not what you are looking for? Maybe another sign type is better for you? We make Blade SignsADA signsMarquee LettersDigital Signs, a monument Sign, 3D lettersVinyl, a Plaque, or a Lobby Sign?

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