Towne Jewelers Halo Channel Letters

Towne Jewelers of San Marcos, established in 1977, extends its jewelry offerings across the United States and needed new Halo Channel Letters. What distinguishes Towne Jewelers is their unwavering commitment to delivering a personalized customer experience. They actively devote themselves to treating every customer as a unique and cherished individual, irrespective of their budget or circumstances. Whether you’re a seasoned gemologist or a first-time jewelry buyer, Towne Jewelers passionately provides the information and guidance necessary for making well-informed decisions.

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About the Sign

Skilled artisans carefully fashion the channel letter sign from robust aluminum. Signs for San Diego lays out vibrant 6800k 12V LEDs to craft an amazing halo effect. This distinctive design not only elevates its visual appeal but also guarantees outstanding visibility. The channel letter diamond undergoes a custom crafting process, boasting a translucent front and incorporating all these elements. Resourceful engineers strategically place the LEDs to brilliantly illuminate the diamond from both its rear and front, ensuring it seizes attention from every possible angle. 

The Halo Channel Letter has been carefully painted in a sleek black finish, a choice that not only ensures its bold contrast against the backdrop during daylight hours but also allows it to transform into a radiant beacon after the sun sets. As night falls, the brilliant white LED lights within the sign come to life, casting a luminous glow that not only catches the eye but also serves as a guiding light for all who pass by.