Things I like about Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than fishing, hot dogs, time with the kids, and sleeping late. It is actually a holiday with a meaning.

The Civil War killed more people than any other American War. More than WWII, more than all other wars combined. Memorial Day was to honor the 620,000 soldiers that dies in the Civil War. 2% of the population died. That is a lot of pain.

Arlington National Cemetery — was Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s farm. It was to insult him that the Union dead were buried there. It has become the most honored grave site for the nation.

Enjoy Memorial Day! I hope you spend a moment thinking about the meaning behind the day. I also hope you enjoy your holiday by eating more, catching more fish, spending quality time with your kids, and sleeping late.

Arlington National Cemetery — was Confederate General Robert E. Lee's farm

Military graves marked by tomestones
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