Teakwarehouse Archway Signs

Signs for San Diego, a Commercial Sign Company, builds business signs, like Monuments, channel letters, custom LED Signs, and an Archway for Teakwarehouse

The Arch

Each archway or gateway is unique. The arch has a message, normally the location. This is the opportunity to show some style and have a message. Archways are popular with cities where they announce the city name. In this case the archway proudly tells us about Teak Warehouse.

Archway Teak Warehouse Installed with a Crane

The Supports

The uprights are supporting the weight of the arch. These are steel with substantial footings and enough strength to be structurally robust in the worst possible winds and rain. They are bolted into the archway, and welded in the supports themselves. These can be stylized themselves.

teak warehouse span placement with crane scaled

Teak Warehouse

Teak Warehouse started making furniture out of teak in the 1970s. The furniture has made appearances on TV shows, movies, in resorts, and in public places. They sell to architects, landscapers, designers, restaurants, studios, the boating world, and to the public. Headquartered in Los Angeles, Teak Warehouse is a major force in the teak furniture market.

A new gateway signals Teak Warehouse’s confidence and pride in its business. This arch greets the public as they visit the San Diego showroom. It is about 25 feet high and 35 feet wide. LED lighting in the letters illuminates the name at night. It spans the entrance to their showroom (8400 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA).

Archway Teak Warehouse

At Signs for San Diego, we specialize in iconic signs. In the second photo, our workers use a crane to install the archway. The sign is supported with heavy steel square beams in two concrete footings, and the overhead section lifted into place. It was fully engineered to account for all foreseeable stresses. Do you have a unique project or a vision for signage like this? We would love to work with you at Signs for San Diego. 760-730-5118