Designing Signs and Signage

Designing Signs and Signage takes effort. We make signs for the area around North County San Diego. They all start out as San Marcos CA signs. 

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a great sign? It’s not just a picking a nice font, a couple of images and throw in a color in the background. There are several elements one must take into consideration before even thinking what the final design will look like. During the next couple of weeks, we will cover 5 of the most important elements you need, to make your sign’s design stand out from the rest. Those elements we will cover will be Typography, Imagery, Color Scheme, Hierarchy, and Layout.

Signage - Jimmys shoe store


Typography Typography comes from the Greek words typos (“form”) and graphein (“to write”). This means that typography is the art or form of arranging how a message is written to make the message more appealing to the audience. Typography is much more than just making words readable and pretty; it’s an art of making your message work with your layout, color scheme, images, and layout by choosing the correct font, size, point, color, order, line spacing, leading, kerning, and tracking.


Imagery Imagery, in graphic design, is the use of vivid images, pictures or graphics to help the descriptive text get a message across to a certain target audience. An image records a visual perception of a certain object or person, providing a depiction or non-verbal representation.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme A color scheme is the colors used in a design. They are used to give the design style and appeal. The main objective of having a color scheme in a design is to create an aesthetic and pleasing design to the viewer’s eyes. Color schemes are often described and picked from logical combinations of colors on a color wheel.

Hierarchy Visual

Hierarchy Visual Hierarchy is the order in which the human eye perceives what it sees. This order is created by visual contrast between forms in a field of perception. Objects with the highest contrast are recognized first by the human eye. The term visual hierarchy is used most frequently in the visual arts field such as in graphic design.


Layout Layout, in graphic design, is the part that deals with the arrangement and style treatments of content within a space. Though layout design is considered a simple process and today it can even be automated, it requires a higher-level concept involving creativity.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and our Blog for the next couple of weeks so you can get all the tips your design needs to stand out from the rest! And even if you don’t feel comfortable after reading the blogs, give Signs for San Diego and let us help you out with your design, together we can achieve a great way of getting your message across.