Sign Removal

When the time comes, you need a sign removed. Dollar Tree announced that it is closing 600 of its Family Dollar stores.  The retailer’s business has been hit hard by inflation. It also hurts low-income neighborhoods, people lose jobs, and many of the locations will be hard pressed to find new tenants.  We just removed signs from a number of these. It was quick.

Family Dollar wall sign Before and After 2

These removals were quick and dirty.

In many removals there is “Patch and Paint”.

The wall may need a “Patch and Paint”. That is, we mix up stucco patch and fill in the holes, once cured wepaint over the repaired and the evidence is gone! In this case speed was the goal, 

Family Dollar wall sign Before and After

De-branding vs Removal

There is a difference between remove and de-branding.  There are signs where the face is a part of the sign.  If a panel is removed, the sign would be open.  That is a problem. So the de-branding basically means the panel is left in place, but painted over

Family Dollar sign removal pole before and after31

Painting over faces is not the only way.

Often you can see signs that are taken off, flipped backwards and reinstalled. The best way is to replace the sign face or panel with a new one with the new tenant. What is shown here – is quick

family dollar pole sign after copy

We remove business signs Give us a call and we can make it happen.  We send a couple of guys in a bucket truck, and they pull the sign off.  We are Licensed and insured; we are California State Licensed ContractorsC-45. With a contractor’s bond, workers comp, vehicle insurance and General Liability.

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