“Push-through” is a technique that looks amazing. At Signs for San Diego this is the technique we use to create shapes and features too same and too complex to be done with metal bending. We used this for “Same Same”, a Carlsbad Restaurant and Bar, to reproduce their logo and it is not above the entrance.

Push Through Same Same Install showing LEDs

What Are Push-Through Signs?

Push-through, pushes a shape through a background to make a very distinctive signs. The light can shine out the sides. It is shaped like a dimensional letter but glows like an electrical channel letter. In this case the power supply and LEDs are in the base of the sign.

Where does the light come from?

Behind the face are a series of LEDs. The light can only exist through the translucent Acyclic and that acrylic is shaped or cut in very small and precises patterns. Tool small for metal work. It creates a beautiful and unique look. Want to know how a unique sign can increase the number of customers walking through your door?  Give us a call!