Neon Signs Custom LED Sign

Signs for San Diego is a commercial sign company. We get calls for “neon signs” every day. While Neon is available most people want a Custom LED Sign  as their marquee letters. When it comes to signs for buildings, neon is almost dead, LED Signs are 99% of the electrical sign market today. With good reason, the results are better in every way

Fit Culture

Fit Culture is a great company with a great mission. Fit Culture is the newest and best integrated fitness and wellness company in San Diego. Out of Nevada they are helping people to become more active and live better lives. It is friendly, fresh, and fun. Fit culture’s approach is simple, the win when their members succeed. Think about joining their amazing community and improve every aspect of your life.

We are delighted to help Fit Culture succeed. We build channel letters. The first step is to source sheets and rolls of aluminum. We also have sheets of acrylic. We use a CNC machine to cut the back of each letter and the front of face as well. Then bend the roll-on aluminum to make each letter. The LEDs are wired in and the entire letter formed (back, front and sides lite and wired). Then with a computer-generated paper pattern we tape the pattern on the wall, drill holes for mounting and wires to pass through and mount the letters.

Fit Culture needs a Custom LED Sign suitable for marquee letters and the customer's energy

Signs for San Diego does a lot of these and we were delighted to create Fit Culture’s letters

Need signs? We can help you figure it all out. Signs for San Diego designs, makes, and installs these channel letter signs. We are good at it, give us a call and let’s get started!!  Give us a call at 760-730-5118

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