Marquee Letters Turbo Car Wash

Turbo Car Wash and the benefits of effective Signage. Signs for San Diego is a sign shop or signage company. We make company signs, that is custom signs. These a 3d signage mounting as wall lettering.  Large wall lettering is in. Many business owners feel that an electrically Illuminated LED sign is the way to go. Marquee letters are called channel letters in the sign industry. These are Custom LED letters.  Here is a great example of the use of Channel Letters on a monument sign

Olson’s Hand Car Wash is now Turbo Car Wash. Well, it is, and it isn’t. The location has been an Encinitas car wash for over 20 years. Olson had a following, but it also had some problems, and it needed some help:

Turbo Car Wash bought out Olson and the car wash is under new management. While the old management was loved by many, it also was tired. The new management has a younger and more energetic vibe

Illuminated Sign Channel letter set Turbo Car Wash

Monuments and Channel Letters

The equipment was old. It was not as effective or as fast as the more modern alternatives. The water conservation was also lacking. Now there is all new equipment, and it is state of the art.

The building was old. It is still an older building but has undergone a total remodel. It feels modern, clean, and new.

Monument sign with led custom signs on them

The signage was Old and in bad shape. Signs for San Diego has helped with new signs. In many ways Turbo Carwash is one of the most modern and best run car washes in the area,

Wall Sign for Turbo Car Wash

The business and marketing benefits of an effective signage pulls people in and increases sales. It is a business tool. We added illuminated signage to the building. Customers now see that it is new, and they notice. We added menu boards. The services, benefits and prices are clearly understood. We helped with their monument signs,

What does this do? It increases traffic into the business, it reduced the reliance on paid advertising. Signage, once purchased, pays you back for ever. It portrays a professional brand image. You knew the old car wash, this is an improved, new car wash. Existing customers also appreciate the cleaner, newer, and nicer place.

The results are a higher gross revenue and that turns into a better bottom line. It helps bring in better employees, it makes the most of a great location. It improved consistency.

Do you need a better return on your business? Think signage and come to San Diego’s best sign company – Signs for San Diego