Sparsh Lobby Sign

Building Sign Example: Sparsha Pharma. Need a Wall Sign to be your Marquee Letters?

Sparsha Pharma recently opened in Oceanside on Oceanic Drive and worked with Signs for San Diego to design, fabricate and install their building sign. The sign facing Oceanic Drive has excellent visual presence from the street while blending with the other signs in the area. This sign is a digitally printed vinyl with a laminate mounted on an Aluminum Pan.

Sparsha HQ marked by an Oceanside Sign

Sparsha makes a Transdermal Patch

Sparsha makes a Transdermal Patch. This is a medicated adhesive patch placed on skin to deliver a drug through the skin and into the bloodstream. It prevents pain in an injured area of the body. Sparsha Pharma International was established in 2008 as the first transdermal company in India to engage in R&D, Manufacturing of transdermal products for global markets.

the exterior building sign

Latex vs Eco-Solvent This building sign is printed with Latex ink. In applications where UV exposure is severe, we use a UV laminate sealing this ink inside and fixing the colors for a long-lasting building sign.

Sign Cabinet Clark Install 2 1

Ladders vs Bucket Truck How was this building sign installed? Well, Signs for San Diego uses a bucket truck but because it is a more efficient way to install signs. All the tools travel with the installer. The position can be adjusted up and down, side to side easily reaching much higher, safer, and more quickly. Ladders damage walls and it takes more time as minor adjustments as the installers must climb up and down several times. This is better for the building, the installer, and the sign owner.